MEGA-POINT blue Line comp

MEGA-POINT blue line

Optical Precision Drill Grinding Machine
…regrinds your drills in a short period of time and with highest precision.
With MEGA-POINT blue line you are a multiple winner. Through MEGA-POINT blue line you achieve the following:

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Drillpoints and Toolregrinds

Drillpoints 1 Drillpoints 1a Four facet grind with web thinning DIN 1412 A.
Less in-fedd required due to shortening of chisel edge.
Drillpoints 2 Drillpoints 2a Six facet grind DIN 1412 D
for cast iron.
Drillpoints 3 Drillpoints 3a Corrected major cutting edge DIN 1412 B
for hard brass, Spring steels.
Drillpoints 4 Drillpoints 4a Four facet with split point DIN 1412 D 
for increased chip flow.
Drillpoints 5 Drillpoints 5a Four facet Parablolic point (Gühring GT 100, Stock V 70)
Special deep hole drills.
Drillpoints 6 Drillpoints 6a Flat bottom drills.
For sinking 180° degrees at the bottom.
Drillpoints 7 Drillpoints 7a Left-hand cutting drills.
Drillpoints 8 Drillpoints 8a 3-lipped solid carbide drills, VHM drills.

Technical data

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Re-sharpen your drills exactly to your materials and specific of productions – to your advantage.
Cutting drills HSS and VHM
Drill-diameter Ø 1 – 20 mm (options – Ø 30 mm)
Drill-length to 1000 mm
Point angle stepless adjustable 80° – 150° / 180°
Cutting angle stepless adjustable 0 – 40°
Collet set for Drill-diameter Ø 7 – 20 mm
options collet set for Drill-diameter Ø 1 – 6,5 mm
options collet set for Drill-diameter Ø 20 – 30 mm
Double sided grinding-wheel CBN
with fine/coarse grit
Ø 125 mm
options grinding-wheel DIAMOND
(for carbide-drills)
Ø 125 mm
Depth of web-thinning stepless adjustable  
Motor 0,3 kW
Spindle R.P.M. 2800 min-1
Electrical 230 V / 50 Hz (115 V / 60 Hz)
Space requirement (L x B x H) 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Standplace approx. 1,0 m2
Net weight approx. 42 kg / 85 lbs


Standard Equipment

Schublade mit Maschinenzubehör
For two- or three fluted, right or left-hand drills.
With built-in optical projection screen, 10 power,
point splitting and web thinning attachment and:

2 Collet holder and complete collet set for Ø 1 – 6,5 mm and Ø 7 – 20 mm
1 Double sided grinding-wheel CBN Ø 125 mm with fine/coarse grit
1 Grinding-wheel CBN Ø 50 x 4 mm
1 Set of operating tools
1 Operating manual with list of Spare-parts
1 Machine lamp

Spannzangen und Spanndorne


Machine stand with two tool drawers
Dust collector industrial
Zoom-lens 6 – 20 power
Extension incl. collets for Ø 20 – 30 mm

Grinding-wheels with different grits,
CBN- and Diamond wheels.


Re-sharpen your drills exactly to your materials and specific of productions – to your advantage.

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