Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau aus Thun (Berner Oberland)

BERGER technologie GmbH
C.F.L. Lohnerstrasse 28E
CH-3645 Gwatt/Thun (Switzerland)

Phone +41 33 336 15 66  |  Fax +41 33 336 16 66
www.bergertech.ch  |  info@bergertech.ch

Managing director: Thomas Berger CEO

Contact person:
Multispindle technology: thomas.berger@bergertech.ch
Tool regrinds technology: marc.broennimann@bergertech.ch
Sale products: marc.broennimann@bergertech.ch
Client production: pascal.winiger@bergertech.ch

MWST-Nr.  CHE-109.025.633 MWST
Ref-Nr. 758 649

We are in Thun

BERGER technologie GmbH manufacture factory are directly behind SanitasTroesch and Duscholux – see map!

Größere Kartenansicht
To take the Train bis Railway Station Thun. Link to SBB-Timetable here.
Ab Railway Station to take the STI-Bus Line 2 or 5 bis Busstop «Schorenfriedhof»! Link to STI-Timetable here.

About us…

The use of our products can be life-essential for our customers. We keep this in mind in our everyday actions. This fact has to be communicated clearly. We are personal. We know our employees and partners personally.


  • BERGER technologie GmbH
  • C.F.L. Lohnerstrasse 28E
  • CH-3645 Gwatt/Thun (Switzerland)
  • +41 33 336 15 66
  • +41 33 336 16 66
  • info@bergertech.ch


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