BERGER technologie GmbH is a small enterprise based in Gwatt near Thun (Switzerland). We do international business producing and selling multispindle drillheads and drill sharpening machines for metalworking industries worldwide. Maschine für die Holzwerkzeugnachschleiftechnik. Verkaufen Handelswaren und Ersatzteile für MEGA-POINT, TATAR und OPTIMA Bohrerschleifmaschinen sowie Ersatzteile und Schleifmittel für Easy-Point Grinder, WTG-1.
We are equipped with the latest technology and employ 7 persons at present.


Multispindle technology
Our multispindle drillheads rationalize drilling operations in series production. Using a multispindle drillhead you can machine two, three, or up to 30 holes simultaneously. Our products can be used for simple drilling, thread cutting, countersinking, reaming, and even for multi spindle milling. Most of our clients are in the automobile industry (Peugeot, Ford, VW, Smart) or are involved in the manufacture of parts for sanitary installations (JRG, KWC, Similor). In addition, we also do special work for the production of wood-wind instruments (recorders) and for a EDP-recycling company.

Drill and Tool sharpening technology
(Drill regrinding technology and Woodtool sharpening technology)

Our MEGA-POINT drill sharpening machine grinds and resharpens all standard drills quickly and with upmost precision. Thus our clients always have perfectly sharp drills at their disposal. The well-designed construction allows great flexibility in sharpening and cutting angles. Large firms such as Studer AG are among our MEGA-POINT clients. Smaller companies in mechanical engineering and moulding such as Stamag-Primaform AG also make use of our services.

Client production
Unsere Stärken im Geschäftsbereich Lohnfertigung liegen vorallem bei komplexeren Einzelteilen und kleineren Serien bis ca. 100 Stück. Dank unserem umfangreichen Maschinenpark (Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren,  etc.) können wir viele Bearbeitungen direkt in unserer Firma ausführen. Zudem übernimmt unsere Konstruktion gerne auch die Aufgabe, fabrikationsgerechte Detailzeichnungen aus aus Ihren Entwürfen zu erstellen oder realisiert gleich die ganze Konstruktion basierend auf Ihren Ideen oder Konzeptskizzen.

About us…

The use of our products can be life-essential for our customers. We keep this in mind in our everyday actions. This fact has to be communicated clearly. We are personal. We know our employees and partners personally.


  • BERGER technologie GmbH
  • C.F.L. Lohnerstrasse 28E
  • CH-3645 Gwatt/Thun (Switzerland)
  • +41 33 336 15 66
  • +41 33 336 16 66


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